There are several perks of using cloud hosting services. Not only does it lower hardware costs, but it also increases processing speeds and gives the user the ability to handle sudden fluctuations in web traffic. But then, let’s face it. Choosing a cloud provider is not as easy as it seems considering the vast options from which to select. But how will I know if, and which cloud provider is the best?

When it comes to choosing a Cloud service provider, a wrong selection can be very frustrating and costly. Here are several aspects that you need to consider, to simplify your cloud hosting provider decision-making process.

Know the Scale your Requirements

First and foremost, you must have a clear picture of what you want to achieve from your cloud provider, and ensure that the provider understands specific goals you hope to achieve with cloud hosting. Besides, you should evaluate your existing platforms before planning for a change. It would be pointless to look for a cloud hosting solution when you would have managed shared hosting.


Who wouldn’t want their sensitive data secured? Security is one of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a cloud hosting server. You have to be comfortable with your cloud provider’s approach to security so see to it that your host provides you with ample security, and ensures that there are no breaches.

Normally, private cloud hosting offers a more secure environment for your data than public or shared cloud hosting. A good cloud hosting provider normally has numerous standard security measures in place and regularly updates them.

Evaluation Period

Admittedly, no one would be willing to make a cloud commitment without running trials with their applications in the cloud. Without some assurance of success, who would be willing to spend their hard earned money? When choosing a cloud hosting service provider, make sure you first take a free trial version. That will help you decide whether the hosting provider is worth considering or not.

Location of Your Providers

You wouldn’t want to be doing business with someone who owns a couple of servers in a room where your data could be accessed and easily compromised. It goes without saying that the locations and security of the hosting provider should be considered. Ask the cloud provider how they protect their data from perhaps hackers.


Ideally, you should only pay for what you use. Depending on the hosting provider, hosting fee is generally charged monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. The best pricing system should be pay as you go, with the ability to add services as needed.


You need to consider this factor unless you don’t want your business to grow. As your business grows, your cloud hosting needs will undoubtedly increase so ensure your cloud provider is flexible. Inquire how much additional storage capacity you can get and any other services that can be offered and the cost. If you plan to increase your staff, make sure that you can add additional users to your account with ease.

Customer Support

A good cloud hosting provider ought to provide technical support around the clock, including weekends and holidays. Make inquiries about the average response time whenever you need help, and if the technicians are well-informed and experienced in the industry.


Before you entrust your sensitive and crucial data to a cloud hosting provider, make sure that they are trustworthy, affordable and that your information will be secure. Do not just choose someone who may hand customer’s data to cyber-criminals on a silver platter.